Running and walking are both excellent forms of exercise. One is not necessarily superior to the other. What is best for you is entirely dependent on your health and fitness goals. In this article, we will provide you with tips on how to use the Hölkkä training vest while running or walking to give you a great start to your training! We'll share more fysio, cardio and power tips in the near future.

    With a Hölkkä vest, you can exercise running and walking effectively, whether you are a beginner or a fitness enthusiast

    We have forgotten how to walk correctly due to a sedentary lifestyle. Stiffness in the upper body and poor posture cause strain on the lower and upper body joints and can also cause back pain.

    By using the resistance rubber bands of the Hölkkä training vest, the movement of the hands becomes more efficient and the trajectory of the hands becomes better. Through the use of this vest, the muscles of the upper and middle body are effectively activated and a good and upright walking position is strengthened. The benefits of walking can be greatly enhanced with a walking vest, regardless of age or starting level.

    If all your fitness programs have felt heavy so far, then try this one! To get started with walking with Hölkkä training vest, focus on movement and posture:

    • Looking forward, shoulders down, and good support in the middle body
    • The weight of the body on the hips
    • Hands are close to the body, at a maximum 90 degree angle
    • Arm movement starts from shoulder joint and hands move straight forward and backward 
    • Shoulders and hips naturally rotate in opposite directions
    • The step rolls smoothly from the heel to the toe



    Strength and rhythm for your running with the Hölkkä training vest 

    While running, many runners place their hands incorrectly or overemphasize their hand movements. Typically, the hands are not kept at the correct angle, the hands are not raised high enough in the front position, or, when pushed back, the hands are too high or straight.

    Using the hands inefficiently or in the wrong position will affect running efficiency, rhythm, and running position. Using a Hölkkä training vest, the movement of the hands becomes more efficient. The vest also activates the middle body particularly well (up to +60%), which is essential for good running control. Controlling the movements of the hands and feet is only possible when the midsection of the body is under control.

    In order to getting started in running training with Hölkkä training vest, focus on the following positions and movements:

    • Good support in the middle body (hips up), shoulders down, and looking forward
    • Run with the hands at a 90-degree angle close to the body
    • Hands should move forward, not to the sides
    • The palm of the hand should stop at the hip line when the hand is down
    • Relax your muscles and move freely, don't tense them unnecessarily

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    *The results of the Varala Sports Institute's study on the effects of using the Hölkkä training vest 9/2019. Read more here (scroll to the middle of the page).