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The Hölkkä training vest increases mobility and strength in the upper body, while relieving neck strain and tension - get up to 60 % better exercise efficiency! No matter what the... Read more

Vest size: S (when your waist is 68-75 cm)

  • S (when your waist is 68-75 cm)
  • M (when your waist is 76–85 cm)
  • L (when your waist is 86–95 cm)

Resistance (rubber bands): Resistance small

  • Resistance small
  • Resistance medium
  • Resistance strong
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The Hölkkä training vest increases mobility and strength in the upper body, while relieving neck strain and tension - get up to 60 % better exercise efficiency!

No matter what the season, the Hölkkä vest is perfect for outdoor recreation and exercise. Hölkkä's training vest has a posture-supporting vest, elbow straps, and elastic resistance bands that are designed to resist arm motion when you walk or run. You can also use the vest as a posture corrector in your day-to-day activities.

The Hölkkä training vest has been shown to be an effective and safe way to maintain the health and mobility of your upper body. The health and flexibility of the upper body muscles will improve your general well-being significantly and help you maintain a good posture.

A Hölkkä training vest helps office workers release tension in the neck and shoulders.

Whether you're new to health exercise or looking for a change in sports hobbies, the Hölkkä training vest will give you more power and lift.

  • Designed for all types of movers - from beginners to fitness enthusiasts
  • Boost efficiency and strengthen upper body for running, walking, or jogging
  • An office worker can use it to release tension in the neck and shoulders
  • Enhance your stair and hill exercises
  • To boost exercise extension of dog walking
  • Combining arm and foot movements will increase energy consumption
  • Enhanced muscle condition, flexibility and endurance, better posture

Hölkkä training vest and sporty and health-conscious people

  • Did you know that most runners and hikers neglect to use their arms while they exercise? Could you benefit from posture support or greater upper body mobility?
  • Jogging usually puts a lot of strain on your lower body, but the Hölkkä vest gives your upper body muscles an equally good workout. By activating your upper body muscles, you can synchronize your upper and lower body movements and engage your core at the same time.
  • By wearing the vest, you can exercise your arms as well as your posture. As you hike or run, the perfect posture and an added speed boost from the arm motion will help you keep an effective pace!

Hölkkä training vest and office workers

  • You feel tight in your shoulders? Do you suffer from fatigue, headaches, and aversion to exercise because of tension in your neck?
  • Approximately one-third of the working population suffers from neck and shoulder tension. Activity is the recommended treatment for acute neck pain.
  • When running or jogging with the Hölkkä training vest, the neck and shoulder muscles as well as the core muscles are activated. By increasing circulation and metabolism, tension in the muscles can be released. In addition to supporting the natural position and posture of the back, the vest allows the respiratory muscles to function more freely.
  • When working, studying or doing chores, for example, you can use the vest without resistance to improve your posture.

Study conducted by Varala Sports Institute on the impacts of using the Hölkkä training vest 9/2019

During walking, jogging and running, the Hölkkä vest increased the strain on upper body muscles. Lower body muscle activity was also increased. As a result, the vest may result in higher upper body strain, increased lower limb engagement, stronger impacts and an elevated center of mass when foot contact is made. Consequently, the increased strain on upper and lower body muscles leads to an increase in oxygen and energy consumption while wearing the Hölkkä vest.

  • When wearing the Hölkkä vest, muscle activity of the transverse abdominal muscles increased by 40.0 % when walking, and by 64.7 % when running.
  • Walking and running with the Hölkkä training vest resulted in higher muscle activity of the anterior deltoids. With the vest on, muscle activity increased by 37.5 % when walking and by 9.8 % while jogging.
  • At all stress levels, the electrical muscle activity of the quadriceps and hamstrings was higher when the Hölkkä vest was worn. Compared to the same stress levels without the vest, muscle activity was 4.4 % higher when walking, 8.2 % higher when jogging, and 17.5 % higher when running.

Product specs 

Putting on the Hölkkä training vest is fast and easy. The vest fits comfortably, allowing your hands to stay free. Once adjusted correctly, it is ready for any kind of activity.

An adjustable Velcro fastener allows you to adjust the vest's circumference freely. The vest is light (about 0.55 kg) and comfortable and can also be worn solely for posture support. There are reflective elements on the vest.

Vest and elbow straps are made of neoprene. Vest components include reflectors. The vest and resistance bands contain natural rubber. Elbow straps contain magnets.

Colour: black

Maintenance: hand wash at 30°C

Weights: 0,5 kg


Select the appropriate size by measuring your waist circumference around the diaphragm/upper waist (wearing a T-shirt, for example):

  • Small, when your waist measures 68-75 cm
  • Medium, when your waist measures 76-85 cm
  • Large, when your waist measures 86–95 cm

XL and 2XL sizes are made to order. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


You can use the elbow straps to take advantage of the resistance function. It is easy to attach the elbow straps to the resistance bands and release them as needed with the quick-release buckles. There is plenty of room for adjustment. Each elbow strap has reflectors.

Running, jogging, and hiking are more effective with resistance bands. Removable/replaceable. Simple length adjustment.

  • Yellow marking (resistance level less than 1.5 kg): Suitable for supporting rehabilitation.
  • The medium red marking (approximate resistance level of 2 kg): Suitable for daily walking, jogging, running, mobility and muscle exercises, stairs and hill training, and rehabilitation exercises. The most popular level due to its versatility.
  • Heavy, green marking (approximate resistance of 3 kg): Ideal for short-term intensity training, such as HIIT, stair workouts, and hill training. Those with strong upper body muscles can use this band for brisk walking, jogging, and running.


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Hölkkä training vest

S (when your waist is 68-75 cm) / Resistance small
S (when your waist is 68-75 cm) / Resistance small