WellO2 review - sports and VO2 max


Almost 40 years old

Mother of three

Training habits:

Goal-oriented gym training + seasonal endurance training


Start and you have already passed the biggest obstacle

Sports as a Therapy

For me, workout is therapy! I know that I feel better after training. Living a hectic lifestyle with active kids, work, and other obligations require something to balance it up with. For me that something has always been exercise. For somebody else it might be books, music, or other forms of art maybe. But for me, it is exercise. Sometimes just enough and sometimes really goal-oriented. Today I would say that I have been on the at least somewhat goal-oriented path for more or less three years now. I am not aiming for becoming a weightlifter or a bikini fitness model. I just want to know that I am enhancing my well-being and enabling health in my life. If I’m honest I love many unhealthy habits also, but it gives me comfort to know that I am actively choosing good choices for myself every day. Even if I would choose some fun and unhealthy choices at other times ;)

In Finland we live up in the north, with very dark winters. Hence we are often in a standby mode during winter time. But when the light in the spring starts to affect us we become alive again. I usually start running during spring time, it is sort of built in my system by now. For a few years I have been tracking my running with my fitness tracker. The minutes and the VO2 max data has been a sort of nice to know information.

WellO2 Increased VO2 Max

However, after using WellO2 last spring, on a regular basis, I noticed that both my pace and my VO2 max values were at a totally different level, and I had just started running again! The autumn before I had run half a marathon with a decent first time score. So I remembered my values well, from where I had finished last year. After using WellO2 for a few weeks I knew that I had activated the parasympathetic nervous system and gotten better recovery values. But only after my first run did I realise that I had grown my VO2 max with several points and that my starting running pace that spring was one minute (!!) faster than my "normal starting pace".

There had been no other major changes, my training habits were about the same and my life in general also. So I believe, with all my heart, that the regular training of my breathing muscles was the reason for my better condition and my increase in VO2 max.

Boost Your Body With WellO2 Breathing

During my runs I felt the muscles that WellO2 training had activated. I believe that finding these muscles and training them really helped my body to breathe better. For instance, never before had I felt the small breathing muscles in my back before using WellO2. Now, on my runs I felt how active they were. The deep breathing felt good and calming.

We seek for all kinds of guides, systems, and references on how to improve this and that. But the brilliance of our bodies and the existing mechanisms fascinate me so much. We are so lucky to possess all this from birth. Many of these mechanisms you can’t control. But by affecting your breathing, that steers many of your automatic mechanisms, you are able to enhance your health in a variety of ways. Helping your body find those existing systems that help you fulfil your potential is just amazing. 

I am sincerely amazed and forever thankful that I had the opportunity to try this wonderful device. I have used it every month since the day I got it. Sometimes I have more active periods, like during stress, running, or flu-season. But I would never consider not having a WellO2 in my toolbox ever again.

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Just remember, that if you want a change, you need to actively pursue it. No innovation nor device will teach your body a healthier lifestyle. That is on you. However, for me the trick of having a simple task and a simple routine, just breathing for 5-10 minutes a day, changed my life forever 💙 

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