The inhalation of steam, also known as steam therapy, is well known for relieving cold or sinus symptoms. Inhaling warm, moist air opens up the nasal passageways and relieves symptoms of irritation and swollen blood vessels. Moisture in your sinuses can also thin mucus, making them easier to empty, and you will be able to breathe normally again at least for a short while.

Furthermore, you can improve the health of your voice by inhaling steam. Those who sing or speak a lot at work can benefit from steam inhalation since it can moisten their voice box and soothe their vocal cords.

Steam inhalation is thought to be particularly useful when: 

  • Your voice feels hoarse or sore
  • Your throat feels dry 
  • You have a cough
  • You have a lot of mucus
  • You've been in a dry environment
  • You've been using your voice a lot 

Steam inhalation combined with resisted breathing - A Finnish innovation, WellO2 breathing trainer, combines two well-known methods

Steam inhalation can also be done with WellO2 breathing trainer - a Finnish innovation which combines steam inhalation with adjustable resistance for your respiratory muscles. WellO2 helps to clear mucus, relieves irritation in the airways, and also strengthens the lungs.


WellO2 is beneficial to everyone*, regardless of age, fitness level, or physical health. Users of WellO2 include e.g. athletes and professional singers as well as persons with reduced lung capacity, snorers, and the elderly and there are already over 100 000 sold WellO2 units since it was created by the Finnish inventor Aulis Kärkkäinen in 2016. Read more about it here

*Please contact your doctor if you have a health condition that might be affected by WellO2. It is not recommended that you use this device if you have a pneumothorax, illness, a damaged tympanic membrane, or if you have recently undergone surgery (eye, abdomen, or thoracic cavity).

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