It is also not uncommon for people to get too caught up in their work that they forget to take breaks during the day. Are you one of those people? A stressful work environment can lead to employee burnout, as well as impact performance negatively.

Microbreaks can be a vital first step toward reducing your stress levels and boosting your productivity.


Microbreaks: what are they and how often you should have them?

Microbreaks are short breaks taken throughout the day and can last anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. You can e.g. stretch at your desk, stand up when taking phone calls, take a walk around the building or get a cup of coffee. You can do whatever you want during the break as long as you get up, get distracted, and interrupt your focus.

In general, a short break of 5-10 minutes should be taken every 30-60 minutes, and in work that requires great concentration or precision, breaks should be taken at least every 30 minutes. Taking a break every hour is also important for brain function.


How can microbreaks help you during the workday?

Microbreaks are both mentally and physically beneficial. Microbreaks can improve your vibrancy, accuracy, speed, and perception. They help you disengage from work for a brief period, and boost you productivity. Microbreaks have been shown to reduce stress, improve concentration, keep energy levels high, calm the body, and ease strain in some parts. A microbreak allows you to refresh your brain, which is especially important when thinking intensively.


How to ensure you take your microbreaks each day?

Taking advantage of microbreaks requires execution. Though we know we should do something, putting it into practice and following through is another matter.  You can set reminders throughout the day to remind you to take a break or you can arrange regular meetings with a co-worker. You can establish a microbreak routine by drinking water during work, since if you do this you'll take a regular break from your desk.


The sense of touch can be more effective than calendar reminders for reminding you of microbreaks

There may be an even easier way to schedule breaks than calendar reminders or frequent water pickups. Seat Guard microbreaks is an innovative product that will gently remind you to get up every 30 minutes when you sit on the device, thereby preventing you from sitting too long. In addition, you cannot sit for at least 2 minutes because it will continue vibrating if you do! Some people may feel a little embarrassed standing up in a meeting. Perhaps we need to change our mindset!




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A secondary benefit of Seat Guard is that it can be used as a time management tool. You will understand that this is a sign that you need to speed up and be more efficient if you sit down for a meeting and have not really discussed the subject yet after 30 minutes and your Seat Guard vibrates. 

As a summary, Seat Guard can be used for planning your days and improving your quality of life through systematic routines.

Here are some of the health benefits of Seat Guard:

  • Establishes a healthy sitting rhythm for your body
  • Enhances your physical activity
  • Boosts brain alertness and metabolism

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Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash