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Using a combination of steam breathing and resistance breathing exercises, WellO2 is the world's most versatile and globally patented breathing trainer. As you strengthen your respiratory system, you will be able... Read more

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Using a combination of steam breathing and resistance breathing exercises, WellO2 is the world's most versatile and globally patented breathing trainer. As you strengthen your respiratory system, you will be able to breathe more efficiently, which will improve your performance and make you feel better!

WellO2 is already trusted by healthcare, wellness and technology experts and over 100,000 users around the world!


But why is WellO2 breathing so important?

This is the perfect tool for anyone looking to boost their vitality and performance as well as improve their overall well-being!

  • Resistant breathing exercises open your airways, strengthen your respiratory muscles, and increase oxygen intake.
  • By breathing deeply, you activate your parasympathetic nervous system and your body's recovery process.
  • By inhaling warm steam, you support the function of your mucous membranes, increase moisture balance, and strengthen your respiratory system's ability to clear mucus from your lungs and vocal cords.
  • In addition to opening and maintaining the voice, it strengthens the muscles involved in sound production.

More about the medical studies of resistance breathing and steam breathing here


4 reasons why breathing WellO2 5-10 minutes a day is good for everyone  

1. Everyone can benefit from having better breathing muscles

WellO2 has been of particular help to people who have respiratory problems, poor indoor air quality, the elderly, athletes, and sound workers.

2. You can immediately breathe easier

By opening and moisturizing the airways, WellO2 reduces congestion and effectively removes mucus from the lungs. Additionally, it soothes vocal cords and reduces respiratory irritation. In situations where mucous membranes are dry, coughing can be relieved by warm hydration.

3. Helps you improve your performance

By using WellO2, you are able to train your breathing muscles as you train your biceps, abs and shoulders in the gym. Training your breathing muscles will improve your strength and endurance. Additionally, breathing training improves your oxygen intake, so you don't run out of breath as fast as before!

4. Relieves the feeling of rush, anxiety and stress

It is important for our bodies to be told that it is okay to rest and recover after a stressful period. As a result of resistant breathing training, deep breathing can be activated, which provides a calming effect as well as improves sleep quality and recovery. Studies have shown that regular breathing training helps reduce stress significantly. With a decrease in superficial breathing, stress levels and blood pressure fall, and the body does not overreact. Please read more about this in our review of WellO2 here!


How do I use WellO2 breathing trainer?

WellO2 can be used many different ways depending on your goals. With WellO2, you can breathe in and exhale with resistance levels that can be adjusted as well as inhale steam when you choose one of three different heat levels! 

The best benefits come when you take WellO2 into your daily routine 1-2 times a day. 

On the first time:

1. Start with the minimum resistance (0) and breath in. Then exhale into the device. 

2. Repeat 3-15 times. Take breaks if needed. A total of 10-20 repetitions are recommended. 

Read the guide for breathing exercises with WellO2 here



    This package includes everything you need to get started:

    • WellO2 device (inc. device, basket, lid) 
    • power stand
    • 3 mouthpieces
    • breathing regulator
    • nose mask and extension hose
    • instructions

    Accessories (to be bought separately)

    Plastic used is Bisphenol-free Tritan plastic. The nasal mask that comes with the device is made of silicone. The parts are made in Europe.

    The nose mask, breathing regulator, mouthpiece sets and baskets are also available separately as spare parts / for hygienic reasons.

    Note! The product has no right of return if the seal on the outer package is broken. 

    Technical information:

    • 4 resistance levels
    • 3 steam temperatures (45° to 65° C)
    • fully automatic self-rinsing function


    • All WellO2 products are delivered from WellO2's warehouse, in Finland by Postnord and to rest of EU by DHL Express


    If you have any health conditions that might be affected by using WellO2 please contact your doctor before using the product. Do not use the device if you have pneumothorax, illness or damage to the tympanic membrane or fresh surgery (eye, abdomen or thoracic cavity). 

    Check all instructions videos here


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    WellO2 Breathing Trainer