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Bodymaja self-service body composition measurement points are right where you are! SPECIAL OFFER! Add the discount code "NORDIC10" at your shopping cart (you'll see the discount at the checkout) or purchase straight from... Read more

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Bodymaja self-service body composition measurement points are right where you are!

SPECIAL OFFER! Add the discount code "NORDIC10" at your shopping cart (you'll see the discount at the checkout) or purchase straight from BODYMAJA by using the same code and get -10 % off. Use the code before it expires!

  • Do you live or happen to visit Espoo, Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Lahti, Oulu, Raisio, Tampere or Vantaa? If you say yes, keep reading! The service is in Finland and in Finnish only at the moment! 
  • Do you want to know your body composition measurements, but don't really want to meet anyone in person to your results?
  • Or do you simply find it too hectic to schedule time with someone?

Bodymaja has heard you! You can now get your body composition measurements at self-service points and even without an appointment!

The Bodymaja body composition measurement provides information about the health of your body. You'll receive detailed 15-page report detailing over 40 measurement results with explanations that describe your body composition.

A clear report includes, for example, fat and muscle analysis, fluid balance, crucial visceral fat, fat percentage, and an overall assessment of the overall picture.

After purchasing, we'll send the code by email which allows you to get your use code from Bodymaja's website for free or charge or just visit Bodymaja and use the same discount code when purchasing! 

Why Bodymaja?

  1. Access is easy without an appointment
  2. Best technology available (Inbody 770)
  3. Clear and comprehensive results 
  4. You can easily track your results in one place
  5. Reliable service from Finland

Your measurement report will be available online in your "Own Body" page within minutes. You can review your progress at any time.

As a result of the online service, the results are always available, for example, when coaching. No matter where you are, you can easily showcase your changed results.

If you answer yes to some of the next questions, Bodymaja can help you! 

  • Want to feel more vital in every day life?
  • Are you looking to lose weight, build muscle or increase your strength?
  • Would you like to know the amount of harmful visceral fat in your body?
  • Would you like to know how lifestyles and their changes affect your body?
  • Do you play sports actively and want to follow their development?

Remember to use the code "NORDIC10" at your shopping cart (you'll see the discount at the checkout) or purchase straight from BODYMAJA by using the same code and get -10 % off. 


12 steps for successful Bodymaja measurement


1. Buy the service from Nordic Innovation Shop and get the discount code to purchase your Bodymaja measurements for free from Bodymaja's website or just go directly to Bodymaja to purchase the service. The use code is valid for 12 months. 

2. After ordering from Bodymaja's website, you will receive an email with a link to open the door.

3. Find the nearest office. There is no need to schedule an appointment in advance. Bodymaja has points in shopping malls that are open seven days a week.

4. At the measuring point door, click on the "open door" link on your mobile device and select your point from the list. Click the green "Open" button. A lock on the door opens, allowing you to enter the room. If the button displays "Busy" and the button is red, wait a few minutes for the space to be free.

5. There is a 12-minute time limit. For this period, the door cannot be opened from the outside.

6. Hang your coat and heavy clothes on the hanger. The heavy objects in the pocket, the watch, the phone, and the heavy jewelry should also be placed on the table during the measurement. There is no need to remove any other clothing, as the measuring device automatically reduces the weight to 1 kg to compensate for the clothing.

7. Wearing shoes and socks during the measurement is not recommended. You will find disinfection cloths at the point that you can use to clean your feet, palms, and, if desired, the feet and handles of the device. For example, oily creams on the soles of the feet or palms may interfere with the measurement.

8. Stand on the device, and follow the instructions on the screen and the voice prompts.

9. The device will first ask for an ID, enter the same phone number here as you did when ordering the test.

10. On the first visit, the device asks for the phone number, height, age and gender. Later, if these are already filled automatically, press enter to start the test.

11. The test lasts a minute, stay this time as still as possible.

12. When the test is over, take your own items. The results are available on the My Body service within a few minutes.



For each body composition measurement, Bodymaja generates the same, easy-to-read “Own Body” report, which includes an explanation of all the results with the measurements. There are clear graphs for each value and instructions on how to interpret the results.

The report will direct you to contact your healthcare professional if any measurements are alarming.

Total points

Your score is displayed based on a scale of 1 to 100. It indicates your body's structure and strength. Muscle and fat mass are considered in relation to their target values to determine the result. A higher score reflects a better body composition. Scores between 70 and 90 are considered normal.

Muscle fat diagnosis

Muscle-fat analysis is a good metric for tracking changes in body composition. Besides weight, you can also see how many pounds of muscle and fat you have. Furthermore, you can see how different your results are from the normal.

Fat percentage

Fat percentage indicates the amount of fat in your body. The target value for men is 10–20% and for women it is 18–28%.

Visceral fat

The visceral fat (or visceral fat, visceral fat) refers to fat that accumulates around the viscera. In a health report, visceral fat is one of the most important factors to track. It is associated with diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and many other diseases.

Weight target

The section on Weight Target describes how the device suggests changing the weight and the amount of fat and muscle. Target idea weight refers to the midpoints of the normal range of the weight index. You can consider yourself normal if you are 0-5 kg away from your ideal weight.

Muscle balance

The muscle balance section describes lean mass in five body parts. As a result, half-differences and potential areas of development can be identified. Sometimes there are mismatches between the disproportionate and defensive parts of the body and sometimes there are mismatches between the upper and lower body.


Fluid balance

The ECW / TBW ratio is used for interpreting fluid balance, an important component of body function. It refers to the amount of external cell in relation to the total amount of water.

Waist-to-hip ratio

The waist-to-hip ratio measures the circumference of the waist to the circumference of the hips. A high figure indicates that the body has accumulated excess fat. 

Exercise calories tell you how much energy a person of measurable size consumes while participating in different sports for half an hour. When determining the effects of exercise and nutrition on weight loss, or when planning energy intake, the values can be used as a guide.


Body phase angle

Phase angle indicates the health and nutritional status of the cells. Having a small phase angle is indicative of an impaired cellular structure, such as malnutrition or inflammation. The variable is used mainly in hospitals for monitoring general health and verifying the effectiveness of nutrition therapies and treatments. A person's size, sex, and age can affect the normal phase angle.


Where is my nearest Bodymaja self-service point?



Kauppakeskus Länsituuli
Länsituulentie, 20100 Espoo
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Kaari
3. kerros
Kantelettarentie 1,
00420 Helsinki
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa  Google Maps

Mall of Tripla
2. kerros
Fredikanterassi 1,
00520 Helsinki
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa  Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Jyväskeskus
2. kerros, käytävä
Kauppakatu 29A,
40100 Jyväskylä
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Trio
Katutaso, käytävä
Aleksanterinkatu 18,
15140 Lahti
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakortteli Pekuri
2. kerros, käytävä/aula
Kauppurienkatu 10,
90100 Oulu
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Mylly
2. kerros, kirjastotila
Myllynkatu 1,
21280 Raisio
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Koskikeskus
Katutaso, käytävä
Hatanpään valtatie 1,
33100 Tampere
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps


Kauppakeskus Tikkuri
2. kerros, käytävä
Asematie 4-10,
01300 Vantaa
Sijainti kauppakeskuksessa
 – Google Maps

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BODYMAJA self-service body composition measurement (Inbody 770)

1 use
1 use