"I wish you could all feel what I'm feeling"

"I've been using WellO2 for a couple of months. One thing that is a big difference is that this opens up my voice so well. I use this five minutes to get the steam and my airways open. Whenever I'm in a studio, I have this with me and when I feel that my voice needs a small break, I use this and it immediately helps my voice to be in a better shape. "

-Molly Näsman, singer and songwriter

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Over 100 000 users worldwide are already using this globally patented breathing trainer which combines steam breathing with resistance breathing exercises! Everyone from children to elderly and from professional athletes to singers!

A new clinical study confirms the experiences of more than 100 000 WellO2 customers: exercising with light breathing resistance and steam increases breathing power up to 20 %. Four weeks of 15 minutes a day resulted in significant improvement in lung function. 

With WellO2 you can either rehabilitate your condition or boost it towards your goals!

  • While blowing in and out into the WellO2 breathing trainer, you train your breathing mechanisms. 
  • You can adjust the level of resistance easily from 20-100cmH2O (way more efficient than bottle blowing for example).

  • The training trains both your exhale (good for emptying the lungs) and inhale (good for sports performance and activation of deep breathing).

  • The training can be performed with the nasal mask and/or the mouthpiece.

  • The breathing training is reinforced with gentle steam that boosts the natural immune system. 

Multiple payment options available (e.g. credit cards, online banking payments, Paypal).  Add the code "MOLLY50" onto your shopping cart page after clicking "Add to Cart". Once you click "CHECKOUT" button, your discount is displayed. 

Train your breathing and learn how to enhance your well-being

Our breathing is sort of a steering center for many functions of our body. That's why training it and knowing how to use it, is essential for conscious optimisation of our bodies. 

Many experience it to be easier to activate the deep breathing with WellO2! While many breathing training methods are known to enhance our well-being, many still find it difficult to activate the physical relax-mode with mindfulness and breathing alone. Especially when living a busy or stressful stage of life.

When using WellO2 breathing trainer the warm and gentle steam cares for our airways while the resistance makes us focus and activate deep breathing which will activate our bodies' relaxing mechanisms.

When we are scared we start to breath short breaths at a hard pace. Our bodies' so called sympathetic nervous system, our “alert mode" is activated. When we are in for a challenge like running away from a threat, running for that goal medal, or in for a difficult task the nervous system is on high alert mode to be able to quickly survive the current situation. 

However when we are at home, feeling safe and warm, with food in our tummy and the company of our loved ones, maybe even in the arms of them and in skin-to-skin contact our "relax mode" (parasympathetic nervous system) is activated. Our breaths are deeper and slower, telling our bodies that it is time to collect and increase our energy reserves for future ”alert" situations. This mode is essential for physical and mental recovery.

Our survival mechanisms took millions of years to develop. The natural environment for which we were designed is no longer reality. However the mechanisms of our steering system hasn’t changed. 

With all screens, notifications, and 24/7 availability many of us struggle with the impossibility of lowering our stress levels. Most of us are stuck in the "alert mode" and unable to automatically activate the "relax mode" enough. 

Therefore breathing exercises have become a central element of modern well-being. Since we can activate the "relax mode" consciously. A better and stronger breathing will support us towards our fitness & well-being goals.

Start your journey towards feeling better while breathing better

Add the code "MOLLY50" onto your shopping cart page after clicking "Add to Cart". Once you click "CHECKOUT" button, your discount is displayed. 

We'll answer you within 24h if you have any questions in English, Finnish, or Swedish. 






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