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  • Flu season relief

  • Decrease your stress levels

  • Enhance your recovery

  • Boost your immune system

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WellO2 Breathing Trainer

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The World's Most Versatile Breathing Trainer

Using WellO2, breathing exercises are enhanced with steam breathing, giving them a more care-based aspect, while also providing resistance training for the respiratory muscles.

  • You can adjust the resistance levels and heat settings according to your needs. 
  • All ages and backgrounds can benefit from it, including young and elderly, athletes and singers, those suffering from air impurities, and those who simply wish to maintain lung capacity as they age. And everyone in between. 

  • Over 100 000 sold units in just a few years!

The importance of breathing cannot be overstated for health, wellness and sport goals!

Breathing is essential for all your health, wellness and sport goals. And WellO2 is your breathing trainer. A strong respiratory system enables you to breathe more efficiently, enhancing both your performance and recovery as well as your wellbeing on a daily basis. 

Keeping consistent is all it takes, and your body will take care of the rest.

WellO2 is versatile yet gentle at the same time

WellO2 training is gentle. Steam from WellO2 moisturizes the airways as you inhale and reduces congestion. Using WellO2 will naturally support your immune system, reduce your risk of respiratory infections and help the healing process if you get a cold. 

Get the most out of your breathing exercises

By breathing deeply, we stimulate the vagus nerve, which...

  • calms the mind
  • lowers stress levels

  • improves sleep

If you already practice breathing exercises, using WellO2 with those exercises may enhance their effectiveness and help you take them to the next level. Sometimes, breathing practices can be confusing and difficult to follow. With WellO2, you will have a loyal partner and a tool that will support you as you work towards your health goals.

Optimise physical performance by increasing your VO2 max

Athletes around the world use WellO2 to... 

  • improve breathing capacity
  • maximize performance

  • recover faster

Resistance breathing exercises train your breathing muscles. The same goes for any other muscles: training makes them stronger, more endurance-driven, and perform better. With WellO2 breathing trainer, you can do both strength training and endurance training for your respiratory muscles. 

By strengthening your breathing muscles lowers the level of shortness of breath. The intensity of your training can be increased when your VO2 max levels increase (the point at which you feel out of breath). Increased VO2 max allows you to exercise more intensely without straining your body more. A longer distance or a faster time are both indicators of this. To put it another way, your training should result in more satisfying results!

Do you use your voice extensively at work?

Are you suffering from hoarseness or doesn't your voice last as long as it used to? Do you wish you had more lung capacity as a singer?  Stress, incorrect breathing, poor air quality, and the flu can affect your voice. WellO2 training strengthens your lungs and opens and cleanses your airways, enhancing your vocal performance.

How to use WellO2 breathing trainer?

There are many ways to use WellO2 depending on your goals. With WellO2 breathing trainer, you inhale and exhale using adjustable resistance levels and inhale steam with three heat settings. It is best to perform the exercise 1-2 times a day for 5-10 minutes. 

When using WellO2 breathing trainer, you can activate the whole respiratory system. While the nasal mask activates the sinuses, nasal muscles, deep abdominal muscles, and diaphragm, which stimulate the vagus nerve, the mouthpiece stimulates the lung, throat, and lower abdominal muscles. 

Check the basics from the video below!

Start your journey towards feeling better while breathing better

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WellO2 Breathing Trainer

Our breathing is a sort of steering center for many body functions. Because of this, training it and knowing how to use it is essential to conscious body optimization.

When we are scared, we take short breaths at a fast pace. As a result, our sympathetic nervous system, our "alert mode," is activated. Our nervous system goes on high alert whenever we face a challenge, such as running away from a threat, running for that goal medal, or facing a difficult task, to be able to survive. 

Nevertheless, when we are at home, feeling safe and warm, with food in our bellies and in the company of our loved ones, maybe even in their arms, our "relax mode" (parasympathetic nervous system) is activated. During this mode, our breaths are deeper and slower, telling our bodies that we need to collect and increase our energy reserves in case of future 'alert' situations. This mode is essential for physical and mental recovery.

Our survival mechanisms took millions of years to develop. Natural environments for which we were designed no longer exist. However, our steering system's mechanisms have remained the same.

With all screens, notifications, and 24/7 availability many of us struggle with the impossibility of lowering our stress levels. It is common for most of us to live in the "alert mode" and are not able to automatically switch to the "relax mode".

That is why breathing exercises have become a central part of well-being. Because we can control our breathing, we can activate the "relax mode" consciously. Therefore, many individuals consider breathing to be an essential part of self-care and increasing their well-being.

We'll answer you within 24h if you have any questions in English, Finnish, or Swedish.  





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