One of our simplest functions - breathing - often goes unnoticed. Generally, we breathe shallowly, except when we are concentrating on our breathing, such as when singing or meditating. Many aspects of our health are related to our breathing. For example, our breath quickens when we feel anxious or excited, and when we deepen our breath, we activate our parasympathetic nervous system and calm ourselves.

Research shows that respiratory muscles respond to exercise similarly to other muscles. While many athletes strengthen their inspiratory muscles, singers and wind instrument players strengthen their exhaled muscles to prolong exhalation. People who suffer from lung problems usually treat their breathing problems with exhalation exercises, since many diseases are caused by obstructions in the airways. Even World Health Organization (WHO) recommends respiratory muscle training after COVID-19

Respiratory muscle training is beneficial to everyone

Many people are unaware that their breathing has a huge impact on many aspects of their body's health and wellbeing. There are different ways to do respiratory muscle training to improve your physical and mental wellbeing. WellO2 breathing trainer is one good way to get started!

WellO2 breathing trainer strengthens and cleans your respiratory system like no other breathing trainer

WellO2 is the world's first, most versatile and patented breathing trainer that combines steam with resistance breathing. Everybody can benefit from this combination, from athletes to people with respiratory problems to sound workers. Anyone seeking to improve their overall well-being.

The benefits of resistant breathing combined with steam

As a result of resistant breathing training

  • your airways are opened and
  • your respiratory muscles are strengthened, enabling you to push yourself to the limit! 

Steam relieves respiratory symptoms and enhances moisture balance, caring for your lungs and vocal cords by

  • removing mucus,
  • reducing irritation, and
  • increasing resistance.

When breathing training is combined with steam, it improves your body’s

  • overall well-being,
  • resilience,
  • performance as well as
  • sound output.

Furthermore, during prolonged breathing the parasympathetic nervous system is activated and your body is able to recover. 

WellO2 was created by healthcare, wellness, and technology experts and it already has over 100 000 users. Click here to learn more of WellO2 or add it to cart already! 


In the following sections, we will examine each function in more detail.

Exhalation resistance

The most likely users of exhalation devices are those with breathing or lung problems. This exercise opens the lungs, strengthens exhaled muscles, and enhances exhalation.

These exercises target the abdominal and inner rib muscles. Exhalation muscle training can also improve sound production, so it can benefit people who speak or sing at work. 

Inhalation resistance 

Inhalation resistance training is often practiced by athletes. The exercise strengthens the inhaled muscles, calms the breath and improves oxygen uptake.

Research shows that inhalation resistance training is beneficial for endurance sports (running, cycling, rowing) and interval sports (football, tennis, basketball, rugby), but not water sports. As the muscles strengthen, it becomes easier to maintain a deeper and slower breathing rhythm for longer.

Exhalation and inhalation resistance combined

Such devices are usually used by people with respiratory problems. This exercise strengthens the exhaled and inhaled muscles, opens the lungs, and increases lung ventilation. Additionally, it balances exhalation and inhalation as both enhance deep breathing and vagus nerve activation.

Warm steam

Steam helps open the airways and drain mucus from the lungs. As your body fights off the infection, the warm steam helps reduce symptoms. In addition, it reduces irritation. You can treat shortness of breath or mucus with a sauna, shower or steam bath, for instance. Additionally, it is typical to use a bowl with hot water and breathe under a towel.   

Having a product that has all these components sounds pretty good, doesn't it? Click here for more information about WellO2 or add it to cart already!


Our co-founder Stella has been sharing her experiences of WellO2 after using it for months now! You can find the blog post about WellO2 and sleep & recovery here and sports & VO2 max here.